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Relacionamento Sério | Unamoro



Then observe the acts and words, because they reveal to the eyes the love that the heart feels.

In daily living, love is manifested through gestures of affection, attention, tolerance of one another, understanding and forgiveness.

One discovers the secret of love that is in the heart of the works who do. Always be sincere in the manifestation of love, with loving gestures, words of affection are sweet to the ear of those who receive, externally the greatness and intensity of the feeling that is in the depths of the heart.


Those who love do not charge feelings or manufacture suffering, but share every second of joy, every moment of love. He feels that he is in full harmony and lives intensely every moment of happiness. We were made of love and for love,be it: AgapeEros or Philos, must be developed in each individual to enjoy in a healthy way the pleasures and loves of interrelationships.

The lack or imbalance in any of these loves can cause suffering and pain.

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Text written by one of our readers: Rosana Palmeira

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