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Relacionamento Sério | Unamoro

You are special!


There is a moment in our life, which we awaken to something new as a simple reflection.

And something within us awakens, a desire for change, arenewed faithto see dreams come true.

It is our own moment, a moment of reflection, of treading new paths and visualizing a new horizon, a desire to develop the capacity to love in the purest and most sincere love.

Watch yourself, appreciate what you have to offer, listen to someone who has something important to tell you, because you are special.

We must learn the true meaning of the word love, the most beautiful and sublime feeling when lived within its real meaning we can feel it.

Value this feeling for every small gesture performed, value who loves you. Good and evil are within us, eliminate evil and strengthen good, doing right, doing good for yourself and others.

The love you feel is divided into four parts: love for God, love for your neighbor, love for your family and friends who have always been by your side and love for yourself. In doing so, you will be rewriting a new story. Because you are special!

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Text written by one of our regular readers: Rosana Palmeira

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